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Companion Agencies

At Changing Seasons Home Care we are committed to providing comprehensive care for our aging population. We work with several local companion agencies to help people make the transition to higher levels of care as they age. Companion agencies provide a starting point for home care needs, providing some household services such as light housekeeping, laundry, transportation and companionship. However, there are currently no government regulations for companion agencies which means that companion caregivers are not licensed or allowed to provide any hands on care.


Transitioning from Companion Care to Hands-On Care

Unfortunately, as people age, their health declines. This means that if someone starts with companion level care, they usually progress to a higher level of care and will eventually require hands-on care. We are fortunate to work in collaboration with several local companion agencies. Once clients “graduate” from companion care, we can smoothly transition them into licensed, or hands-on care. Transition is difficult for everyone, but especially those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is a very positive transition because the local companion agencies we partner with provide excellent care to their clients, and they know the right time to make the switch. We easily assimilate them into our licensed program.

Companion Agencies

Companion Agencies

When does this transition need to occur?

It frequently happens after a hospitalization or rehabilitation stay. People generally lose some strength during these times and need additional assistance at home when they return. Sometimes it occurs when a companion client has a condition change like starting to become incontinent and needing hands-on care to keep them clean. Another situation is when Hospice gets involved. They will only work with licensed home care agencies. Finally, and this is a more recent reason, most long term care insurance companies won’t reimburse companion agencies. They will only work with licensed agencies so people need to make the switch if they want to keep their benefits.

Work With
Companion Agencies?

Working in collaboration with companion agencies is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  • Companion agencies have the security of knowing their clients will be well cared for once they are no longer able to provide care
  • Clients are reassured that they are transferring to an agency that their current companion agency feels comfortable referring people to because they have had numerous successful outcomes.
  • Finally, and most importantly, this provides clients with the assurance that they can remain at home with quality care and not have to go into a nursing home.

This is the number one goal of home care!

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We have a different approach to home care than most agencies in the area in that we provide personalized care. 

Find out how we can make sure your loved ones hands-on needs are met today.


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