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Does CSHC take insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

  • CSHC accepts long term care insurance and private pay clients. We do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover long term home care services.

Is CSHC a Licensed Agency?

  • Yes, CSHC became a licensed agency in 2016.

Does CSHC do background checks on their aides?

  • Yes, CSHC does comprehensive background checks on all their aides. We fingerprint all new employees when they begin employment. We continuously receive notification of any problems on an ongoing basis thereafter and will take aides off all client care if any issues aries. For example, if an aide has a clear background check when they begin employment with us, but then they get into legal trouble, we will receive notification and take them off all client care.

How many different aides work with each client?

  • At CSHC we are very mindful that people would prefer only 1 or 2 aides providing care for them. We understand people feel more comfortable if they can have consistency with their caregivers and not have a new aide for every shift. We have developed a system for 24 hour live-in care that only 2 aides work with each client on a regular basis. For hourly care clients, we try to only have 1 or 2 different aides working with each client. That said, we will never leave a client without care if their regular caregivers are unavailable on a particular day. We will supply a temporary caregiver for the time the regular caregivers are unavailable.

How long does it take to initiate services for a new client?

  • CSHC is known for accommodating new clients very quickly. We recognize that people are usually looking for services to start ASAP when they reach out to our agency. We can almost always start services the next day and always within a week of the initial contact with our agency.

What are the rates for services at CSHC?

  • CSHC has extremely competitive pricing. Hourly rates are determined by individual client needs and care provided.

What if an aide doesn’t show up for a scheduled shift?

  • CSHC will always offer a replacement aide if a client’s scheduled aide does not report to their shift.

Are the aides at CSHC insured?

  • Yes, all CSHC employees are fully insured and bonded. They carry insurance policies for liability, malpractice and Worker’s Compensation.

Are CSHC caregivers certified?

  • Yes, all CSHC are certified Personal Care Aides (PCAs) or Home Health Aides (HHAs). Licensed agencies such as CSHC are required by the New York State Department of Health to only employ certified providers.

Does CSHC have any nurses?

  • Yes, CSHC has several Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) on staff. They are responsible for supervising the aides to be sure they are following client care plans and performing their skills correctly. They are also developing appropriate care plans for clients, assessing clients to be sure any changes are being addressed, serving as a liaison between clients and their physicians, and keeping track that employee health and certifications are all up to date, among other responsibilities.

What if a client doesn’t like their assigned aide?

  • The staff at CSHC does their best to match aides and clients with similar personalities and interests. Overall, most staff and clients get along very well. Since we are working with numerous personalities, sometimes clients or staff members will not be a good fit for each other. In this situation, CSHC will find a replacement aide for the client.   

How much notice is needed to cancel services?

  • At CSHC, our policy regarding cancellation of services is that clients only pay for the services they receive. There is no contract to sign when you begin services. We request a 2 week notice for cancellation of services so we can notify our staff, but this is only a request and clients are not responsible for any days that they don’t have our aide at their home.


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