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Elder Care

Customized Home Care for Older Adults

Changing Seasons Home Care provides customized home care for older adults. Every client has individual needs so we customize our services to incorporate those. We provide an array of activities to allow people to remain in the comfort of their own homes. 

Services Offered
  • Assistance with toileting
  • Bathing 
  • Incontinence care 
  • Catheter care
  • Ostomy care
  • Ambulating
  • Transferring
  • Communication
  • Meal Preparation
  • Household Tasks
  • Transportation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medication Management
  • Laundry
  • Feeding
  • Dressing

We employ caregivers that we would want providing care for our personal loved ones. They are experienced in treating people respectfully and being patient as elderly clients typically require extra time to perform tasks even with assistance. The aging process should be natural and pleasant so we do our best to accommodate our clients as they embark on this journey.


As much as children would like to be available to accompany parents to medical appointments as they age, we understand that it is not always possible to do this. Changing Seasons Home Care provides transportation to medical appointments for our clients when family is unable to be there. 

How does Changing Seasons Transport Clients?

We can use our vehicle, your vehicle or even help coordinate medical transportation if necessary. We send a representative that will go into a doctor’s appointment that can report back to the family as to how the appointment went and what the outcomes were. While we know it’s usually best for a family member to go to appointments, we want to make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your loved one is not alone and will still be able to make their appointments even when you can’t.

Oversight / Supervision

With Changing Seasons Home Care, your loved one will never be alone. Our caring staff will provide the necessary interventions to keep them safe and engaged. You no longer have to worry about whether or not your family member turned off the stove or locked the front door. Our staff will be there providing the oversight to give you a sense of security. Do accidents happen? Of course, but with the security of having a qualified aide with your family member, you can rest assured that if something does go awry, we have the resources to handle the situation. You no longer need to have that sinking “wh¬at if” feeling while you go about your daily routine.

Medication Prepours

As people age, one of the scariest and most common situations is the risk of taking medication incorrectly. In general, as people age, they require more medications. While they may have been taking their medications for years independently, sometimes people become confused or forgetful and need assistance to be sure they are taking their medication as prescribed. This is not only scary, but dangerous as incorrect medication use can have severe consequences.

Ensuring Client’s Get the Proper Medication

When we start care for a new client, we review their medication list and confirm it with their physicians. This allows us to see what their understanding of their medications are and gives us a chance to determine if they are in fact taking them correctly. If it is determined that there is an issue with the medications not being taken correctly or if a client or family member is concerned about memory issues or confusion, we can help. Our nurses will go out on a monthly basis to complete medication pre-pours for the month. They put the medication in labeled pill caddies so that clients can easily access their correct medications when they are due. If a client requires additional assistance, their aide will give them medication reminders at the appropriate times they need to take them.

Light Housekeeping

Changing Seasons Home Care provides light housekeeping for our clients. When we develop our initial care plan, we determine which household tasks need to be completed by our aides. Our aides are instructed to only perform the tasks that are outlined on the care plan so they can be held accountable for making sure everything has been completed to your satisfaction. Any special tasks/requests need to be on the care plan in order for the aides to complete them.

The aides will clean any messes they may create while caring for your loved one. For example, they are responsible for wiping down the bathroom and hanging up wet towels after assisting with showering. They will also wash the dishes they use to cook a meal for a client and clean the kitchen after cooking for the client.

On occasion, the expectations for cleaning are greater than what is best for the client. It is important to note that client safety is our number one goal. If our aides do not feel it is safe to leave a client so they can clean up, cleaning will not be completed. Our aides are instructed not to clean up after other household members or pets unless that is specified in the care plan.

Changing Season Cares

Meal Prepping and Shopping

Changing Seasons Home Care aides will make nutritious meals for our clients. You can prepare a menu or we can be creative, but either way, you can rest assured that your loved one will be given healthy options while under our care. 

Catered Meals for Your Dietary Needs

It is also important to note that we will follow medical orders for the type of diet our clients are on. For example, if someone is on a low sodium diet, we will prepare meals/snacks accordingly. That being said, we are not going to force anybody to eat a certain way. If a client chooses not to follow their recommended diet, that is ultimately their decision as we are in their home for assistance, not to control or take over.

Grocery Shopping Services

Grocery shopping is a service we provide if needed. A client or family member can give our staff a list and we can purchase what is needed. Sometimes it is necessary for our aides to pick up a prescription or other supplies as well. This is especially helpful for families that work and don’t necessarily have the time to run errands for their loved ones.

Changing Seasons Home Care will assist with our client’s laundry if this is a requested service on the care plan. Laundry becomes a safety issue as people age because it is common for people to have their laundry machines in their basement. This would mean an elderly person, who may have difficulty just walking, would have to maneuver steep staircases holding their laundry. As you can imagine, this creates a huge safety concern. Our staff can help ease the risk and complete this household task.


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